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Key Ring for AirTag | 50% OFF

Key Ring for AirTag | 50% OFF

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Leather Collar for Cat | Apple AirTag™

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If your favorite pets deserve it, then your bag, keys and luggage should be protected as well.

How frustrating it is to wait for your suitcase indefinitely at the airport and not know if it will ever arrive. Take out your phone and start tracking your luggage.

How many times have you forgotten your bag at the movies, in a restaurant or on the way to work and not been persuaded to find it until it's too late.

We use our keys several times a day and sometimes have to entrust them to someone else who may not be as vigilant as you.

Our new generation key fobs and luggage tags are finally the solution to all these problems that can be very expensive. Let's equip ourselves with our AirTag to protect our belongings and our personal property. 

boy and dog outside using hisotag

HisoTag® is crafted from the finest materials and tanned to get a soft feeling for your everyday uses.

Our leather airtag  was designed to fit your key rings and bags everywhere you ae planing to go (work, travel, school).

hisotag airtag size and dimension

Three different styles available (key ring, luggage tag, bag tag) of handmade leather pieces with four different colors of your choice (brown, red, orange, blue). 
hisotag leather colors red brown orange

    Our strong leather case fits snugly over your AirTag, so you never have to worry anymore about your stuff location.

    • Tracking with Find My app (App Store)
    • Ask Siri : "where is my bag ?"
    • Distance and direction to your belongings
    • No battery or data usage

    Apple AirTag not included

    money back guarantee
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